Mystic, Historic, Crime

Escape game BAKER STREET 221/B

SherLockd - The Escape Game

Mystic, Historic, Crime


Sherlock Holmes has always thought differently to other people. He believed if someone wanted to get into his home, why try to stop them, they would get in anyway. But once they are in is when the fun starts. The doors will be closed and the smart detective will urge the intruders to investigate, testing their resourcefulness, creativity and togetherness.

Find the hidden doors and the way through, so you can get out of the room before Scotland Yard arrives. Put yourself to the test and don’t let the Yard to lock you up for life as there will be no way out from there.



Top 1-2, Märzstraße 144, 1140 Vienna

+43 660 6936000

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Reviews for the escape room "BAKER STREET 221/B"

Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Wirklich gut gemacht und abwechslungsreiche Rätsel. Gestört hat nur ein Schloss, das schon so abgenudelt war, dass man trotz richtigem Code ewig gebraucht hat, es aufzubekommen. Für große Menschen kann es beim gegeneinander spielen besonders unangenehm werden /from Google/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Es war phantastisch! Das neue Zimmer ist auch sehr kreativ, macht viel Spass! /from Google/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Definitely a must visit in Vienna for every escape room fan! /from Google/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Sehr spannend /from Google/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Extrem gut gemachter EscapeRoom!!! /from Google/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
A group of us has played several escape games and found this one to be excellent. The puzzles are very innovative and varied in type. This game is really about puzzles and there isn't excessive focus on a story (that in other escape games has no real impact on the game). The puzzles were not too linear and required a lot of team work, which really makes this a great event for a group. Key features include a declining ceiling, a screen showing progress and the ability to compete directly with another team. The owners were very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. /from TripAdvisor/
Escape Game: BAKER STREET 221/B
Definitely worth a visit! An amazing escape room experience! Definitely one of the best ways to "escape" from reality and lose track of time for one hour! The guy was really nice and supported us during the whole game. /from TripAdvisor/

Overall score: BAKER STREET 221/B


  • Puzzle quality 5
  • Staff 5
  • Interior 5
  • Fun 5
Based on: 7 reviews
  • Puzzle quality
  • Staff
  • Interior
  • Fun

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