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Escape game KOSMOS

Escapers GmbH

Fantasy, VR, High-tech


Our heroes help not only on the planet Earth, but also in space.

A disaster of interplanetary scale is threatening! Prevent the disaster and overcome gravitation. But be careful: space is unforgiving for mistakes.

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Vorgartenstraße 150, 1020 Wien


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Reviews for the escape room "KOSMOS"

Escape Game: KOSMOS
With Escapers on Vorgartenstrasse, we played two games: Reckless Jack and Space. lthough I'm not a fan of computer games nor sci-fi, I really enjoyed it - especially the feeling of flying with my Avatar and playing with the random objects (i.e. Rubic cubes, screwdrivers or empty bottles) floating around in our space ship. The game was well thought through and very good for team building, as the players would always have to wait for each other and help others to get the wanted solutions. All in all, I think 5 stars is not enough for this experience! :)) /from TripAdvisor/
Escape Game: KOSMOS
Super freundliches personal, spannende rätsel. Einer der besten escape the rooms in wien, mit einer witzigen geschichte /from TripAdvisor/
Escape Game: KOSMOS
I was very impressed of the details of the game and the fact that it was so crucial to know how to play as a team. We had to talk and coordinate with one another from the very begining. Unfortunately, we weren't good enough so we couldn't accomplish the mission. After the game was over, somewhere in the back of my head I was still thinking I would fly as an avatar if I streched the hands in front of me and opened the palms All in all, it was an extraordinary experience and would definetly recomend it to anyone, who is looking for some unforgetable time with his friends /from TripAdvisor/

Overall score: KOSMOS


  • Puzzle quality 5
  • Staff 5
  • Interior 4.7
  • Fun 5
Based on: 3 reviews
  • Puzzle quality
  • Staff
  • Interior
  • Fun

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