As the title suggests, let's try to get to the bottom of what makes a good escape room. There is little scope of what operators and puzzle makers can do. Designing a space that is fun, has good puzzles and is embellished with a beautiful story is a tough job.

Since it is no longer enough for teams to just crack codes these days, more and more advanced puzzles have to be created to be able to offer those teams a great experience.

But what is a good room? We asked a few of our users what they think of a good room:

„If the immersion, the puzzles and the story work well together I have fun and would rate it as a good escape room“


„It is important to me to be absorbed in the story. I don't like puzzles that have nothing to do with the plot of the room or that have been illogically integrated.“


„Since I am an escape room veteran, it is very important for me to come across new types of puzzles. I love to be surprised. The scenario should suit my taste.“


„Even the best puzzle with the greatest surprise effect can be destroyed by a terrible setting!“


As you can see, the main point is always the same. A good room is defined by:

  • A well thought out story
  • Puzzles that fit within that story
  • Challenging, yet solvable riddles
  • Interior that is relevant to the scenario

Doesn't sound like a lot of work, does it? You bet! The next time you book a room using our website, try to think briefly about the way the puzzle manufacturer thought everything through to be able to offer you a nice experience and how much passion was put into creating this room.