As we have learned from the previous articles Escape Rooms have a variety of different purposes besides just having fun or getting frustrated over the complexity of puzzles. The scope of what Escape Rooms can provide you with is almost endless depending on one's creativity and needs. It varies from a casual getaway with friends and family or from a team-building event for some big corporation to a competitive event to find out who is the ultimate Riddler or even to a really creative setting for a psychological study. However, let`s not get too carried away.

Escape Rooms are mostly about human interactions (besides common sense and logical thinking, of course). Teamwork is the key to a successful “escape”. Whether you booked your quest as an opportunity to prove your friends that you are the smartest one, despite being in the sixth year of a three-year university program, or you brought your family here in a desperate attempt to show them you are much more intelligent than that annoying and more successful cousin of yours, it all ends the same way. You will never escape without your teammates’ help, ideas, and support.

 (Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash)

Since the universal day of love celebration is breathing down our necks, it is a good time to cover some unexpected, yet, fairly logical uses of an escape room. Valentine’s Day.

Are you tired of your partner’s nagging, “You are not romantic enough! Let’s be more spontaneous!” What is the best way to prove him or her wrong than locking them behind 70 different locks to prove your love? All jokes aside, an escape room can turn into a nice romantic adventure for both of you. Whether you are just beginners or some kind of escape room freaks, this date will either be a fun new experience or another way to share your interests with the love of your life. Both scenarios definitely will get you some… love and appreciation. There is almost an endless amount of different scenarios. You can try to deactivate a bomb within an hour, solve puzzles while escaping from some evil spirits or become a member of a secret society in the Middle Ages while trying to defeat an evil king. Just you and your partner against the WORLD! There is an option for any kind of couple. You can make your date as exciting, adventurous and romantic as you wish. Some operators are even nice enough to be willing to help you make this date even more special. THE majority of escape rooms would not mind hiding some love notes, presents, flowers that you have prepared in advance in their quests for your date to find them.

Escape rooms can also be a great place for your first date. What is the best way to find out everything you need about a person if not being locked in together in an unusual setting while adrenaline is kicking in? Why waste those precious months or years on him or her only to find out they are incapable of using a key correctly or go crazy under pressure?

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As we have already established, teamwork is crucial for a successful escape. Your time is limited and you do not really have a choice but to cooperate with each other as soon as possible. Say goodbye to awkward ice breakers and boring questions that everybody undergoes on their first date before that Chardonnay kicks in. Different quests present to you all kinds of puzzles: some of them require creative thinking, others lean towards math and the rest might make think outside the box. Find out whether you and your partner think alike. Maybe you both look at problems from completely different perspectives, yet you complete each other. Some of the puzzles or story settings might bring up some memories and stories that you can share with your teammate. Eventually, this experience will turn into a nice memory that you will share with each other.